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Need to find the best price tree removal service nearby Dade City Fl. Hire the people who cut down trees in Pasco County. We are a local family owned removal company near Dade City Florida that specializes in the planting and care (trimming/pruning, disease diagnosis) of tress, limbs, and removal of stumps. Our affordable tree debris removal in your area can give you professional cutting at the lowest prices. We are located nearby St. Leo and San Antonio Fl, we serve customers from Ramsey Ridge all the way across town to Grady Addition. We are a local family owned company.

Review The Best Local Affordable Tree Services Including:

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Hire Us For The Best Low Cost Full-Service Brush And Shrub Control close-by Southside Terrace.

Do I need to hire a local cutting company, that has the lowest vegetation care prices? Do you have trees around your property in Dade City that are causing a hazard, maybe they are old and rotting at the base. Get fruit trees pruned and taken down fast. Just ask for “tree trimming service near me”.

We are the local company to call to get rid of unwanted branches and make your property safe and beautiful. Get the best prices for our professional arborists jobs.

  1. Dead

  2. Damaged

  3. Rotten

  4. Diseased

  5. Encroaching

  6. Storm Damaged

  7. Leaning

  8. Bug Infested

  9. Overgrown

  10. Spring Pruning

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Get Low Priced Brush Care, Cutting And Removal.

ready and prepared to meet the needs of those nearby
— Byron & Johnny Allison

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What Our Nearby Business Can Do For You!

Arborist Tree Removal

Hiring our licensed and insured local company near offers the most affordable, professional and skilled branch and shrub removal work in town. Being local means that we know our town, everywhere from Casons Addition to Larkins Sunnybrook Addition. In Embassy Park Townhomes Condominium and need branches taken down, we are not too far. We can quickly and safely handle any of your vegetation control needs. We are also great at getting rid of brush and shrubs. Get the best dead wood removal nearby your location.

Professional Tree Cutting

Our nearby company can take care of your needs and provide an excellent customer experience. We are licensed and insured arborist that know how to work safe and effectively. Just ask our customers in Watsons and even nearby Larkins Sunnybrook Addition about our low cost prices and rates.

Trimming and pruning can be needed for safety or even to improve the look of your property. When you have proper pruning done, you can enhance the health of your trees and even extend their lifespan. After we finish the job, we can remove the dead wood and even leave free wood chips.

We can work in areas that are hard to gt to such as backyards, in between houses, climb over fences, and even use bucket trucks and cabling.

Stump Grinding

Review local companies about grinding down stumps, you want to hire companies that are trustworthy with good reviews. Our safe stump grinding is a must to get rid of what is left of large oaks. We have all of the equipment to get the job done safely and effectively at your Oak View property. We have years of experience and can take care of the removal of your stump. After grinding down your roots, we can even leave free wood chips. Our stump grinder can will make your yard beautiful.

Palm Tree Trimming

Here in Pasco County, we have some of the most beautiful and tall palm’s in the country, but sometimes those massive palm fawns in Lenfred get too close to houses or private property. We are the company to call to get palm’s under control. Our experts have taken down palms everywhere from Florida Avenue to Heather Place. We know how to trim a tree without killing it.

Emergency Tree Removal

Are cutting services covered by home owners insurance after storm damage in Dade City? Does homeowners insurance cover getting large-trees cut down from off of my house?

How do i get rid of damaged branches? Do you need a quick and fast response to a hazardous hanging branch or overgrown brush, our arborist can get rid of dangerous growth that may be putting your family in harms way. We can quickly handle hazardous situations and can come out now, or as soon as possible.

Will homeowners insurance pay for hazardous tree removal? Let’s chat to discuss your options today.

Get A Fast Response

  • Hazardous Cutting

  • Last Minute Trimming

  • Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

  • Storm Clean-Up

  • After Hurricane Clean-Up

  • Wind And Storm Damage Work

Tree Transplanting

Need a large oak relocated or moved, we are the business to call. Our skilled arborists can come out and move any tall oak or get rid of Mangroves. Moving large oaks, pines, or even mangroves takes skill, precision, and knowledge.

Tree Removal Near Me

How much does tree removal cost in Pasco County?

Get the people who cut down trees the best near your location. Find us online and in town for limb and branch removal. We know how to take branches down in sections, drop large trunks from the top, how to rope down large limbs, and how to climb to take down the branches safely.

24/7 Emergency / Storm Work

Storms and hurricanes can roll in fast in Dade City, and even do costly damages to your property in Lacoochee. Our cheap and low-cost highly recommended company is there when you need emergency storm clean-up done on your property. The high winds and storms in our area can damage the vegetation on your property. If you need someone to come and remove a large branch from your house or you need trimming around power lines, call us 24/7 for a free consultation.

Emergency Last-Minute Services:

Sometimes hurricanes or high winds can cause a tree to come down at the worst time possible, maybe even in the middle of the night or during the weekend. Large trees that are uprooted and laying on houses can put a stop to normal life activities. When those 24/7 last minute emergencies arise, you need nearby professionals that are going to come out and clear up the hazards so your family could return to normal life activities. Our services are fast and we can come out fast right now.

Rain-soaked ground could bring trees crashing down.

With the rainy season that we deal with, sometimes rain soaked ground can cause trees to fall over. Our local arborist can give advice as to what is the best option for care.

Does homeowners insurance cover fallen trees after a hurricane?

You can even ask ask about storm damage claims and how to file your storm damage claims with your home insurance companies. We are the best tree service in Dade City for 24/7 last minute emergency tree work. Hire local professionals that can come out now.

Can you get grants for hazardous tree removal?

We can address issues that may have damaged your property such as hurricanes, tornado’s, thunder storms, or even high winds.

Branches Fell Over Because Of Rain Soaked Ground

The  heavy rains and winds cause my tree to fall over because of the rain-soaked ground. Here in Dade City Florida we have a heavy rainy season, and those intense rains which caused flooding can weaken trees and cause them to topple over.

The main reason the trees fall over after raining is because the root systems cannot hold the weight of the tree in wet and muddy soil. Inches of rain along with high wind can cause tall trees to lean over. Strong wind might even push a tree into your house or property which would require hiring a tree service to come out and cut the tree down.

You might need to call for emergency tree cutting if the inches of rain get too high and the wind get strong enough. Deciduous trees and large branches need to be maintained so that they do not cause a hazard to your property.

Who to call for emergency trimming?

Let’s say it’s Wednesday night and it’s really stormy outside, you suddenly hear a loud thump. When you go outside you see a large tree leaning against your house. Now would be a good time to call a for emergency trimming.

Who To Call For Storms And Hurricane Debris Clean Up.

Storms and hurricanes happen often and can leave a lot of damage to businesses in Pasco County. Our local licensed and insured arborist are very experienced in doing emergency work. We are used to working with customers who have received storm damage. We can safely cut and trim away hazardous branches or leaders from your home or property.

We are there when you need emergency work:

  • Can come our fast

  • Call 24/7

  • Open late and on weekends

  • Call a company that “can come out now”?

“High Ratings And Reviews For Tree Removal and Care”

Pasco County Google Review

Pasco County Google Review

Home Advisor Trusted & Screened

Home Advisor Trusted & Screened

Trusted Home Advisor Screened & Approved Company.

Our highly rated family tree service company is a Pasco County tree removal, cutting and pruning company that is ready and prepared to meet the needs of those nearby who desire professional tree care at a low cost. As a licensed and insured Dade-City, Florida family owned company, we are committed to providing safe, excellent customer service. Ask around town about us and our family owned company is located near Pasco County and is licensed and fully insured.

Read our many positive reviews about our inexpensive work.

  1. Angies List

  2. Yellow Pages

  3. Yelp

Licensed And Insured Tree Service In Dade City.

I need someone to come out and get rid of our branches and brush. Our highly recommended local business takes care of your business or home branch, shrub, and pruning needs. We are licensed and insured. Contact us today to discuss the cost and rates. We Get Rid of Diseased, Pest-Infested, or Dead Overhanging Branches at the cheapest prices and rates.

Our family owned local company has experience in working with bucket trucks,

We know how to get rid if cut down trees near your location. Call your hometown business vs. the bigger companies such as Asplundh, Monster, and Dave’s.

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Have questions about the average cost or even best time of year to get cutting done, ask us today.

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  • Rates For Backyard Or Rear Property

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  • Debris Removal And Hauling Fees

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Calling Our Local Company Is A Smart Move

  1. We are licensed and insured

  2. We work safely and effectively

  3. We are high rated on Home Advisor and Google

  4. Our trimmers and cutters are can work around power lines, the owners are certified Journeyman Lineman.

  5. We have great communication with our customers, always letting you know all of the details of the job.

  6. Our employees are very knowledgeable and skilled in taking down large trees.

  7. We take great pride in our work because we are local. When we complete our jobs, we are beautifying the town we live and raise our families.

  8. We will explain the process and how we plan to execute your goals, all while completing our care services to the best of our abilities.

  9. We are one of the best local companies to call for brush and shrub care.

  10. Get our reviews on Yelp, Angies List, and Even HomeAdvisor.

Call us now for high rated and trustworthy care.

We Even Do Land Clearing

We Can Level Your Ground

It does not matter if you are building a commercial property or a home, we have the equipment and tools to level the ground so you can start building.

Property Maintenance:

Cheap and reasonably priced property maintenance is beneficial to both residential and commercial customers. Getting your branches cut and your palms trimmed is what you get when you hire the best land clearers in towm.

Get the best prices for affordable arborist tree removal service in Pasco County FL.

View our positive reviews and our trustworthy track record on HomeAdvisor and Google.

  1. Our competitive pricing and cost ensures that you will get the best and cost effective experience.

  2. We are licensed and certified to do the emergency tree work in our state.

  3. We are insured, our insurance covers you company and customers.

  4. Written contracts communicate exactly what work will be done and what it will cost you.

  5. We are screened by HomeAdvisor, which means that our employees undergo background checks to ensure the safety of our customers.

  6. Trained employees that you can call for the best certified arborist work in the state.

  7. View our Pasco County brush removal reviews today.

Experienced Arborists

We Get Rid Of Plant Diseases Common In Our Area

  • Armillaria Root Rot

  • Bacteria and Plant Disease

  • Camellia Pests and Problems

  • Fungi and Plant Disease

  • Powdery Mildew

  • Sabal Palm Disease

Licensed And Insured To Drop Trees In Your Town

We have the experience and the skills to get rid of large branches and growth that may be hampering your lifestyle and safety. Properly maintaining your branches and brush can mean longevity and healthy disease free growth.

Find The Best Priced Local Cutting Services Near Me

I Need A Tree Cutting Company Near Me Now?

The branch and brush removal services that our arborist provide are pruning, trimming, cutting, in Pasco County, FL. When trimming, what sets me apart from most companies is my low rates and my ability to work close to power lines. My goal is to enhance the exterior of your home, raise your property value, and beautify your whole neighborhood. I offer storm preparation and hurricane preparation, as well as emergency 24/7 removal and pruning. I can also be there for you after a storm to provide any storm cleanup or hurricane cleanup services that you might need. We serve near your location and are never too far away.

Request a free consultation for removal service today to see how much it cost to hire us for the best branch trimming work in Pasco County. We are a local company but we serve areas all over Pasco County, FL. Read our reviews or even review us, we are dedicated to provide the best work at the lowest rates. It doesn’t matter how big your home or property, let our business take care of your property maintenance and vegetation control needs.

Ready to start your job or project? Get the best prices in the area as compared to our competitors. Our local cutters are nearby and ready to work.

The Cheapest Pruning Around:

Nothing is more beautiful than healthy, lush, green trees. Here in Florida we enjoy some of the warmest climates in the country, these climates are also great for vegetation growth. Having the vegetation on your property nicely trimmed and manicured can add to the beauty of your yard and even increase your property value. Pruning is something that we are great at because we are highly professional and our attention to detail is second to none.

We Can Trim And Cut Branches Around Power Lines

Who can come and cut a large branch growing around power lines in my yard? Our company is experienced in working around power lines and can safely cut branches away from the power lines. The owners are both Journeyman Lineman and have the training, knowledge, and skills to get the job done.

Local Experts With Local Knowledge

How-to cut down Mangrove? Who can cut down Mangroves In Pasco County? We can answer any questions that are related to our local area.

  • Pruning Crape Myrtle

  • Pruning Mangrove

  • Palm Root Removal

Get tree removal service in Pasco County Florida. When we complete our Quality work, we will take the pride to clean up the work area so that you can enjoy your new and improved property. Debris removal is part of our business, because the branches, shrubs, and tree trunks have to go somewhere after we remove them from your property. Our company has all of the equipment that is necessary to clean up our work for the job is complete. Where can I get free wood chips, ask about hiring us?

Hire Us To Get Rid Of Your Overhanging Branches

Do you know that damaged or rotting branches can put your family’s safety at risk or even cost you money? Getting a branch removed cheaply in Pasco County needs to be done by skilled nearby professionals, you can count on us to address all of your arborist work needs. Our certified professionals are licensed and insured in Florida.

We Beautify And Maintain Your Property.

Property maintenance and even special projects sometime need a large oak cut down or even brush cut-up, we take the time to work with care for your home or business. Our company gives you highly recommended service a low price. Year after year we impress our customers with our care and work ethic. Sometimes you may need to cut a branch to keep property maintenance in order.

Our pruning includes:

  • crown cleaning

  • crown cleaning

  • crown reduction

  • crown lifting

The benefits of hiring our company for pruning helps reduce branches growing too low, keeps growth at a certain height, removes weak and thinning branches, and get’s rid of diseased branches.

How to fell a leaning branch in the opposite direction? Call us today for free advice. We also do a great job of shrub trimming, lot clearing, crane assisted removal, and shrub removal. Need free wood chips, we can leave mounds of them for you after we complete the job.

Read Our Local Arborist Blog

Our Goal Is To Enhance The Exterior Of Your Home, Raise Your Property Value, And Beautify Your Whole Neighborhood.


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Start by Heading south on 14th St toward Warren Ave. Turn right onto State Hwy 578/Lock St. Turn left onto 21st St. Turn right onto State Hwy 578/Suwanee Way. Continue onto St Joe Rd. Turn left onto Hancock Bluff Rd.

Coming From Pasco County Fair Association

Head northwest toward Morningside Dr. Turn left onto Morningside Dr. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto FL-52 E. Continue onto 21st St. Turn left onto State Hwy 578/Suwanee Way. Continue onto St Joe Rd. Destination is on the right.

Coming From St. Leo

Follow Library Way, West Way and Palm Blvd to FL-52 E. Head south on Library Way toward West Way. Turn left onto West Way. At the traffic circle, take the 1st ex. Continue onto Palm Blvd. Take State Hwy 579/Happy Hill Rd to Hancock Bluff Rd. Turn left onto FL-52 E. Turn left onto State Hwy 579/Happy Hill Rd. Turn left onto St Joe Rd. Turn left onto Hancock Bluff Rd

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Get the best brush trimming and shrub care near St. Leo Florida. Our services are the best near you.

Get professional services for all nearby neighborhoods.

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