Who's Liable If A Tree Falls On A Nextdoor Neighbors Property?

I Need To Know Which Neighbor Is Responsible For Fallen Branches In Dade City?

Who Is Liable?

The neighbors house who received the damage pays, with homeowners insurance.

Let Me Explain.

When Branches Fall, Who Pays?

A tree suddenly falls on a house in Dade City Florida or property can causes damages, who pays? This is a common question here in Pasco County. There are many instances when next door neighbors have conflict because of damages caused by fallen branches and tree trunks.

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Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

When people who live next to each other are faced with a tree that fell on a house or car, they may seek to find out if homeowners insurance covers the damages. Damages our property may have sustained during a storm or high winds may be covered by comprehensive coverage, because the cause of the unfortunate circumstance was due to nature and through no fault of your own.

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In many cases an insurance agent will come out after you have filed a claim about the fallen tree to determine the situation and who pays. There can be a few questions you may want to ask the agent after a large branch falls on your car or your property lines. Even a healthy tree can damage a neighbor's house in certain circumstances. The insurance company can help you file the homeowners insurance claim and even pay to remove the tree.

If your neighbor's tree falls on your your house than your own homeowners insurance policy can cover the cost of getting a tree removal company in Pasco County.

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